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Unlock Relay’s
Partner Program

Relay’s exceptional model for international teams opens the door to some truly interesting partnership opportunities.

Why Partner with Relay?

Relay is ideal for companies looking to expand their international presence, while also saving on labor costs and improving employee satisfaction.

Diversify Your Products & Services

Offer something new to customers already using your core products and services.

Drive Business to your Core Products

Engage with prospects and customers about Relay to reinforce and support your core business.

Monetize Your Network

Derive value from the companies and contacts in your trust network by introducing them to something they need.

Generate Passive, Recurring Revenue

Smooth out peaks and valleys with long-term, recurring revenue.

Benefit Your Customer Base

Solve a real problem for your existing customers and members.

  • Referrals. Give your prospects your unique attribution code to generate revenue when it is used.
  • Co-Selling. Let’s work together to help your prospects understand how to benefit from Relay teams.
  • Reseller. Bill directly through your existing AR program in a classic Reseller model.
  • White Label. Relay can set you up with your own brand of international support team to blend seamlessly into your existing mix of product and service.

“Relay has been a game changer for our company.

We were able to on-board a team of talented professionals quickly who understand the nuances of the commercial real estate industry. Their expertise and attention to detail have helped us to streamline our operations and achieve our objectives with a significant cost savings. We couldn't be happier with their services.”

Alex KakhnovetsSenior Director of Leasing

Partner Categories

Recruiting & Staffing Agencies

Compliment your US-based staffing or recruiting services with high-quality international resources.

Professional & Trade Organizations

Your members have common requirements – help by providing access to targeted staff with the skills they need.


Work with Relay to pre-train and certify international talent on your standards and tools; your franchisees will appreciate it.

Accounting & Professional Service Companies

Help your clients fill the roles they need to interact with your team, or provide international staff as a managed service.

Software Companies

Your customers will enjoy access to talent that already knows your solutions and is available immediately.

Highly-Networked Individuals

As a natural connector, you may overlook the value you bring just by being yourself; harness that value and unlock new opportunities with Relay.

Be a Hero

Help yours customer find an edge while creating more value for your business.

Clients rely on Relay to access new talent pools, reduce cost, and build capacity across multiple time-zones. Our expertise and support let companies confidently navigate the challenges of globalization and take their businesses to new heights.


Working Day Coverage


Office Locations


Labor Cost Savings

Apply to Become a Relay Partner

Join a top team and a proven methodology to bring the benefits of workforce globalization to your network. Apply now or schedule a call to learn more.

Partner Program Form

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