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Setting Up Your Overseas Office

Looking to open a new office overseas?

Let Relay handle the logistics so you can focus on your business. With our turnkey solutions, you can have a new office up and running quickly, with access to pre-vetted, top-tier talent and all the infrastructure you need to succeed.

Your Trusted Global Expansion Partner

Thanks to Relay, we established our new India office in record time, and on budget. Our board was blown away. We're looking forward to the next collaboration. Highly highly recommended!

Eve CrawfordVP, Hudson Group Capital

Why Work with Relay

Relay provides immediate access to local talent, infrastructure, and support to make opening an overseas office smooth & seamless. We minimize the administrative, legal, and operational burdens so you can focus on your core business.

Save Time & Resources

Relay handles all the operational and administrative aspects, from registering a legal entity to leasing and furnishing an office.

Reduce Risk

Navigating the complex legal, financial, and cultural landscape can be daunting. We help ensure a smooth transition and avoid costly mistakes.

Scale Seamlessly

We help customers scale up or down to meet changing business needs, with access to a pool of pre-vetted, highly skilled international candidates.

Expert Guidance

Relay provides strategic guidance, backed by 12+ years of experience, to help customers navigate the complexities and nuances of international expansion.

Why Relay

Time-honored experience

Relay has time-honored experience in helping companies establish international offices. Clients can benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise to set up and run their overseas operations seamlessly, providing a significant competitive advantage.

12+ years

International Office Experience

Up to 75%

Labor Savings for Customers

Why Relay

On-the-ground expertise

Relay has extensive local expertise in cities across the globe, providing customers with the insight needed to establish a strong presence in new markets while navigating the unique challenges of each region.

Our on-the-ground expertise ensures that our customers can quickly establish themselves in new regions, and gain a competitive edge.

World Class Offices
Industry Expertise
Expert Local Team
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