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We’re revolutionizing global work.

At Relay, we’re building a world where everyone benefits from collaborative global work – teams locally and across borders.

What We Do

Enabled by technology and a business model that makes sense to both employers and employees, Relay empowers companies to access a global talent pool, expand to new markets without the traditional risk, and provide a better quality of life for all.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionize global work by empowering companies to tap into a global talent pool and promote diversity and inclusivity. We’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating a more equitable world of work by providing companies with the tools and resources to easily hire, manage, and pay talent regardless of location.

Our vision

We believe that by expanding access to global work opportunities, we can positively impact the lives of individuals, communities, and economies worldwide, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

We have offices & team members around the world.

Relay has a global presence, with strategic office locations to provide coverage across all time zones.

Our offices provide a comfortable and productive work environment, first-class amenities, the latest technology, and support to our customers’ international staff.

Inspiring spaces
IT & cybersecurity
First-class amenities
Redundant internet connectivity
Physical security & office support

A look behind the scenes at our offices in India, Honduras, and Mexico:

Get to know us

Relay’s leadership team


Michael Pariza

Michael oversees and guides Relay's growth, operations, and corporate disciplines worldwide.

Michael Pariza is President of Relay, where he is responsible for the Company’s growth, operations, and corporate disciplines worldwide.   

Michael has a diverse and successful business background that covers various industries, including his work on the private equity side of the real property capital market.  He has a passion for building reliable teams that can bring order to companies that are laser focused on maximizing profitability through sustainable growth, scalable business processes and effective organizational culture.

Michael earned his master’s in business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  He is also a board member of Boxer Property Management Corp. where he serves as a managing director and broker of record as well as President of its Hospitality and Retail companies.

SVP of Global Operations

Marco Mai

Marco defines, implements and revises operational policies and guidelines for Relay.

Marco is the SVP of Global Operations for Relay and is responsible for defining, implementing and revising operational policies and guidelines for the organization.  He supervises the team’s performance and enjoys coordinating and implementing systems that promote better service and overall operational performance.

Marco has established and managed local service operations in over 10 countries for a Fortune Global 100 company, where he rode with the company from $5B to $100B Revenue where he managed a global organization covering 140 countries.

Marco has a background in technology startups and holds a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia and Network Technologies from South China Normal University and an MBA degree from University of California Los Angeles.

Director of Marketing

Sean Dorminy

Sean leads the implementation of a strategic marketing plan and an effective digital engine for revenue growth.

Sean brings more than twenty years of Blue-Chip marketing experience gained in executive roles in world-class marketing agencies with Fortune 100 Clients. He has a history of launching new brands and successful turnarounds for legacy companies that lead to record-setting results. His foundation in brand management and storytelling blended with the discipline of digital marketing is ideal for companies emerging from the start-up phases.

Sean brings a passion for building and leading marketing teams and enjoys solving the puzzle of customer needs. His experience across the Financial Services, Retail, Real Estate, Technology, and Professional Services categories and building and leading teams gives unique insight into the Relay customer’s needs.

Sean holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising/PR/Communications from the University of Arkansas.

Assistant Director of Compliance

Renee Hadnott

Renee is the liaison between the Relay operations team and our customers. She helps Relay resources onboard to their new customer teams.

Renee Hadnott is Customer Success Manager at Relay. She serves as the liaison between the Relay operations team and the Customers and is responsible for working with the team that onboarding of all new resources for all of Relay’s customers.  Her service-oriented approach and support ensures that Relay’s Customers have what they need to meet their goal.

She has previously spent over 20 years in human resources and has experience in operations, sales, customer service, communications, retail, logistics/supply, and commercial real estate.

VP of Professional Services, India

Hitesh Parmar

Hitesh ensures that deployed resources enjoy their work and have the tools necessary to succeed with each of our customers.

Hitesh Parmar is VP of Professional Services and is responsible for ensuring that deployed resources enjoy their work and have the tools necessary to succeed with each of our customers.

Hitesh has experience in Client Services, Sales, and Operations. Hitesh works closely with the core resource team and oversees and directs the design and implementation of scalable processes to ensure that our customer needs are met.

Hitesh holds a master’s degree in computer engineering.

Assistant Director of Operations

Marie-Noelle Folacci

Marie-Noelle creates effective strategies to drive revenue and improve operational growth worldwide.

Marie-Noelle earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Conrad N Hilton College – University of Houston. She has over 10 years of experience in Sales and Account Management. She has a proven track record of building relationships that drive revenue and have a lasting impact on the organization.

Director of Operations, India

Rohitash Jain

Rohitash Jain, the Director of Operations at Relay Human Cloud, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

Beginning as a Structural Engineer, Rohitash swiftly transitioned into the role of Project Manager within the construction industry, demonstrating adept project oversight skills. His journey continued as he embraced roles in Revenue Management and Operations Management, where he showcased a knack for optimizing processes and driving efficiency.

Currently, Rohitash is entrusted with overseeing operations in India for Relay Human Cloud. In this capacity, he ensures the smooth functioning of the team daily, empowering them with the necessary resources to meet customer needs. With a team of over 250 members under his purview, Rohitash’s leadership fosters a culture of excellence and innovation.

His educational background, including a Master’s in Project Management from Harrisburg University and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from RGTU, India, complements his professional journey, making him a pivotal figure in steering Relay Human Cloud toward continued success.

Senior Customer Success Manager

Esteban Facundo

Esteban is a Customer Success Manager who expertly bridges the gap between the operations team and our valued customers.

Esteban is a Customer Success Manager who expertly bridges the gap between the operations team and our valued customers. He takes charge of orchestrating the seamless onboarding of new resources across Relay’s customer base. Esteban’s unwavering support empowers Relay’s customers to achieve their objectives with confidence and ease.

With an impressive tenure of 17 years in the dynamic technology sector, Esteban stands as a seasoned professional with unparalleled expertise. Prior to joining Relay, Esteban’s professional journey was heavily focused on Customer Support and Operations.

Senior Business Development Manager

Wayne Wickman

Wayne G. Wickman Jr spearheads business development at Relay, joining the company as one of the first members of our team.

Wayne G. Wickman Jr spearheads business development at Relay, joining the company as one of the first members of our team. He has spent his career in sales, working previously for SalvageSale.com (Ritchie Bros.), Liquidity Services, Inc., and Boxer Property. Wayne is a passionate sales executive and is known to have endless determination. Throughout his career, Wayne has been recognized as a seasoned sales leader who consistently outperforms all sales targets. Wayne graduated with a business degree from the University of St. Thomas in Houston and holds his real estate license in Texas. In his spare time, Wayne enjoys playing golf and traveling with his wife of 29 years and their two children.

Channel Sales Manager

Michael Kenyon

Michael is a versatile Channel Sales Manager specializing in government accounts and referral partners, with a proven track record of identifying innovative cost-saving solutions and enhancing profitability.

Michael serves as the Channel Sales Manager, focusing on managing Relay’s government accounts and referral partners.

Michael is a seasoned sales professional with 22 years of experience in account management, specializing in government contracts and working within government environments. With a successful track record of cultivating long-term relationships, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and program management skills to Relay.

Michael is dedicated to growing the government and referral partner segments, leveraging his expertise to drive revenue growth and ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. His strengths lie in analyzing needs, designing and implementing solutions, and fostering strong business relationships to achieve organizational objectives.

Michael holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

Senior Account Executive

Ben Harrienger

As an Account Executive at Relay, Ben is an expert at developing & fostering long-lasting client relations.

As an Account Executive at Relay, Ben is an expert at developing & fostering long-lasting client relations.

Ben earned his Bachelor's Degree in Personal Finance Planning at Texas Tech University. He has a strong background in sales at various commercial real estate companies, with a strong track record of building client relationships that drive revenue.

Marketing Coordinator

Pierre Faa Jr

As Relay's Marketing Coordinator, Pierre is in charge of telling our story across various platforms, generating brand awareness and maintaining a potent online presence.

As Relay’s Marketing Coordinator, Pierre is in charge of telling our story across various platforms, generating brand awareness and maintaining a potent online presence.

Before joining Relay, Pierre spent several years working in advertising and content policy for one of the world’s biggest social media platforms. By optimizing ad campaigns, developing effective user policies & everything in between, Pierre has accrued a great deal of subject matter expertise in social media.

Account Executive

Speed Fry

With experience in real estate and financial services, Speed leverages his background in property management, commercial brokerage, and client relations to excel in his current role.

Speed earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at Southern Methodist University. With diverse experience in real estate and financial services, he leverages his background in property management, commercial brokerage, and client relations to excel in his current role.

Account Executive

Carolinne Wittlin

Carolinne Wittlin is a Business Development Executive with diverse business experiences and passion to help companies achieve their growth goals.

Carolinne Wittlin is a Business Development Executive with diverse business experiences and passion to help companies achieve their growth goals.  She joins Relay from the West Coast to extend the reach of Relay across the country.

From her experience in CRE Property Management & Leasing to the lessons learned in the luxury sector of Retail and Wholesale brands of Ralph Lauren and Burberry, she has a history of driving revenue increases and efficiencies where needed.  She has been recognized for achieving the highest revenue agreements in the company portfolio while keeping expenses under budget, an operational acumen that benefits Relay Clients today. As an experienced traveler and natural people person, she is adept at cultivating strong business relationships. Her experience exceeding professional goals paired with a personal interest in technologies to connect and improve business outcomes makes her ideal to help your business grow.

Carolinne now enjoys her days helping companies work with an international team, supporting them to improve process to achieve growth. She has a BA in English from UCLA and holds her Real Estate license in California. Talk to her to see what your business can achieve.

Asst. Accounting Manager, India

Ankit Vasani

Ankit Vasani brings over a decade of extensive experience in Finance and Accounting to Relay Human Cloud.

Known for his adaptability and proficiency in leading diverse domains, Ankit has established himself as a highly accomplished professional in the field.

His possession of a six-sigma green belt certification underscores his commitment to maintaining robust processes and driving re-engineering efforts within the organization. Ankit’s expertise extends to overseeing internal audits for risk management purposes, demonstrating his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to ensuring financial integrity.

Ankit plays a pivotal role in collaborating with the Ahmedabad resource team, ensuring seamless alignment between customer objectives and Relay’s overarching goals. With his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Financial Management, Ankit brings a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to his role, contributing significantly to the financial health and operational efficiency of Relay Human Cloud.

Asst. HR Manager, India

Shane Mathews

Shane Mathews is the Assistant Manager of Human Resources, overseeing human resources across India for Relay Human Cloud.

With a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and a suite of certifications in Sourcing, Recruiting, and HR Management, Shane brings a wealth of expertise to his position. Passionate about guiding individuals through their career trajectories and aiding them in achieving their professional ambitions, Shane is dedicated to staying updated on the latest trends and best practices in the HR industry.

Boasting 7 years of rich experience in recruiting and human resources, Shane has cultivated a deep understanding of talent acquisition and management. His commitment to excellence ensures that Relay Human Cloud remains at the forefront of talent acquisition strategies.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Shane is a football enthusiast, avid traveler, and connoisseur of culinary delights. He finds joy in connecting with new individuals and engaging in thought-provoking discussions.

With his blend of expertise, dedication, and passion for fostering growth and development, Shane plays a pivotal role in shaping the human resources landscape at Relay Human Cloud, driving the organization toward continued success and innovation.

Learning and Development, India

Purvi Golchha

Purvi Golchha is in charge of enhancing the skills and capabilities of Relay Human Cloud's global workforce.

In her role, Purvi oversees the entire training lifecycle, from needs assessments to program design and delivery. She provides invaluable support to international teams, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Purvi finds joy in writing poetry, with two published books to her name. Her creative pursuits reflect her introspective nature and artistic flair, showcasing her passion for self-expression and exploration.

Purvi’s educational journey is marked by excellence, having earned her Bachelor’s in Computer Application from St. Xavier’s College and further credentials from esteemed institutions like the Scottish Qualifications Authority and the Conselle Institute of Image Management, where she obtained certification as a Trainer.

Purvi plays a pivotal role in driving Relay Human Cloud’s learning and development initiatives forward, ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of innovation and success.

Operations Manager, Mexico

Fernanda Gomez

Fernanda leads the Mexico City office; she provides qualifying candidates, training, and support for Relay's customers.

Meet Fernanda, a versatile professional with a background in psychology and a passion for driving organizational success in international environments. With fluency in Spanish, French, and English, Fernanda’s linguistic prowess enables her to effortlessly navigate diverse cultural landscapes.

Having pursued her studies abroad, Fernanda brings a global perspective to her work, enriching her understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics. Over the past five years, she has honed her expertise in talent acquisition, people management, culture development, and operations, working across a spectrum of settings from startups to venture capitals.

Fernanda’s dedication and experience have equipped her with valuable insights and skills in managing global talent and HR processes. Her commitment to promoting inclusive cultures and driving operational excellence makes her an asset in any international team or organization. Fernanda is poised to continue making impactful contributions to the global business landscape.

Operations Manager, Honduras

Astrid Cruz

Astrid leads our HR and recruiting programs; she ensures that we attract and retain top talent to drive Relay forward.

Astrid is a motivated and results-driven Human Resources professional with a solid foundation in the field, complemented by 8 years of extensive recruiting experience. Astrid’s journey in talent acquisition has provided her with a unique blend of skills, including talent development, multicity leadership, and adept social media management.

Over the years, Astrid has successfully navigated the intricacies of the recruitment landscape, handling massive recruiting campaigns with a focus on identifying and securing top-tier talent. Her expertise spans various industries, allowing her to adapt and excel in dynamic and competitive hiring environments.

Astrid is deeply passionate about nurturing talent. Her role extends beyond recruitment to encompass comprehensive talent development strategies. Astrid has had the privilege of overseeing people’s growth and professional advancement within the organizations she’s been a part of.

Learning and Development, Honduras

Luis Fuentes

Luis is a passionate Training & Development Specialist whose work with various BPO's has enhanced & personalized their methods.

Luis holds a vital position at Relay, where he develops continued learning programs to nurture & upskill our staff in Honduras.

With over 7 years of experience, in Training and Development, Luis has been a pivotal team member in various BPOs across the globe. As a Product Trainer he successfully delivered training programs that enhanced the performance and productivity of the BPO teams across the diverse geographic locations, implemented innovative training methodologies resulting in improved retention rates and quicker onboarding of new hires. Luis also had the opportunity to support and manage teams in his role as Senior Trainer where he guided his teams on driven performance and oversaw training preparation for future classes to provide a smooth and well-planned transition on the training stage.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Luis cherishes spending quality time with his beloved dog and family. Fueled by a spirit of adventure, Luis enjoys planning trips with friends & immersing himself in new cultures.

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