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Unlock New Opportunities with Relay

Dedicated, International Teams for:

  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Reservations & Customer Service
  • Process & Procedure
  • Administration

How It Works


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Relay Partner?

A Relay Partner is a business or individual who recommends other companies to use Relay’s services. In exchange, Relay will offer exclusive discounts and commissions to the Partners.

How do I become a Relay Partner?

You need to sign a Relay Agreement. And a Referral Partner Code will be assigned to you. That’s it! Please email info@relayhumancloud.com to get qualified.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid a Referral Fee based on the terms and conditions of your Relay Agreement. Such referral fees are paid quarterly and continue if the resource remains in place with the same customer and the customer is paid current.

What is a Referral Partner Code?

A Referral Partner Code is a unique 6-digit code provided to each Relay Partner. The Referral Partner Code must be provided by the referral customer when an order is placed to receive credit for the referral.

What prevents a customer from going direct to Relay versus working through a Relay Partner?

A Referral Customer receives a discount when they use a Referral Partner Code, so they can buy the Resource for less if they go through a Relay Partner.

How does a Referral Customer contract with Relay?

Referral Customers contract directly through Relay. Relay takes care of effectuating the sales and handles all after-sales activities, which enables the Relay Partner to focus on sales.

Rely on Relay

Relay has offices in India, Mexico, and Honduras and provides dedicated support staff to US and UK based companies. Relay will hire, train, and store support staff who can be embedded with the companies in US and UK. Relay handles all the non-core administration, leaving you with access to a pre-trained high-quality talent pool to scale your business.

Your Friends Will Thank You

Alleviate staffing woes with pre-trained international staff at exceptional labor rates. This unique approach promotes around-the-clock operations and consistency and drives customer service excellence.

“Relay has been a game changer for our company.

We were able to on-board a team of talented professionals quickly who understand the nuances of the commercial real estate industry. Their expertise and attention to detail have helped us to streamline our operations and achieve our objectives with a significant cost savings. We couldn't be happier with their services”

Alex KakhnovetsSenior Director of Leasing

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