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International Payroll Service

Relay can hire employees on your behalf in India, Mexico and Honduras. We will handle the background check and legal compliance, so you can onboard overseas employees quickly without setting anything up in those countries.

Unlike most Employee of Record providers, Relay has actual offices and operations in those countries. If you need more than just payroll (e.g. Finding candidates, Office Space, Health Insurance), we can help too.

Your Trusted Partner

In many respects I don’t see physical borders anymore; our international team members are now integrated into our business DNA in a seamless way.

Marc V.Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Real Estate

Why Work with Relay

Relay knows the path to workforce globalization, and we can guide your journey.

Training & Education

Relay can deliver training and workshops for domestic and international team members, or craft custom content for your particular needs and business processes.

Change Management

Managing change is easier with when you have been there before.  Relay’s proven methodologies can help your organization adapt in a natural, incremental, effective way.

Workplace Effectiveness

Good data, elegant processes, and the right technologies make a huge difference in organizational effectiveness.  Relay can help put it all together for long-term harmony.

Tools & Templates

No need to reinvent – choose from a library of pre-existing content from onboarding to job descriptions to engagement programs.

Why Relay

Relay knows the way

You may encounter new challenges as you create international capacity, but don’t worry – you won’t face them alone.  With some help from Relay, you can anticipate issues and avoid them before they become acute.

Use our experience to achieve seamless and hassle-free international operations.

Why Relay

Relay has what you need for effective workforce globalization.

Relay smooths the path of workforce globalization with deep expertise, tools, and approaches developed over many years of building and supporting blended international teams. Leverage this set of resources to fill in gaps, get started quickly, and begin generating value on a global scale.

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