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Accounts Payable Manager

Job Overview

The Accounts Payable Manager oversees the accurate and efficient processing of payment requests, including invoice acceptance, coding, approval, and quality checks, working with and managing a team of Specialists. They ensure proper entry in company systems, validate charges, and adhere to authority limits and approvals. The manager is also responsible for conducting regular and ad-hoc audits and compliance checks, while leading the accounts payable team to maintain a streamlined payment process.

Organizational Impact

The Accounts Payable Manager plays a critical role in ensuring that the organization's financial obligations are met in a timely and accurate manner. The impact of this job on the organization includes:

1. Financial Stability: The Accounts Payable Manager ensures that all bills and invoices are paid on time, which helps maintain the organization's financial stability.

2. Cash Flow Management: The Accounts Payable Manager manages the organization's cash flow by ensuring that payments are made on time and that there is enough cash available to cover expenses.

3. Vendor Relationships: The Accounts Payable Manager is responsible for maintaining positive relationships with vendors by ensuring that payments are made on time and that any issues are resolved quickly.

4. Compliance: The Accounts Payable Manager ensures that the organization is in compliance with all financial regulations and laws related to accounts payable.

5. Process Improvement: The Accounts Payable Manager is responsible for identifying areas for process improvement and implementing changes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Overall, the Accounts Payable Manager plays a critical role in ensuring the financial stability and success of the organization.

Key Systems

- Accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero)

- Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

- Electronic payment processing system

- Document management system

- Excel or other spreadsheet software (for data analysis and reporting)


- Invoices from vendors

- Purchase orders from internal departments

- Expense reports from employees

- Payment terms and schedules from finance team

- Communication with vendors and internal departments regarding payment discrepancies or issues


- Accurate and timely processing of vendor invoices and payments

- Maintenance of vendor records and communication with vendors regarding payment inquiries

- Preparation of monthly accounts payable reports and analysis for management review

- Collaboration with other departments to ensure proper coding and approval of invoices

- Implementation and maintenance of accounts payable policies and procedures to ensure compliance with company and regulatory requirements


  • Safeguard company assets by ensuring departmental accuracy of data entered from invoices; that all invoices are legible, accurately totaled and approved according to company policies and individual authority limits.
  • Monitor the work flow of payables and free up bottlenecks by designing workflows amiable to all departments without compromising approval processes.
  • Coordinate, train and communicate to appropriate parties to ensure invoices are batched and entered according to AP procedures.
  • Reconcile vendor statements and acquire missing invoices, with the goal of building trust and leeway in future transactions.
  • Communicate with vendors, creating relationships with their credit and receivable departments to help further the ability to gain, and maintain an excellent credit rating.
  • Ensure adherence of AP personnel to accounting policies and procedures.
  • Assist with coding/profiling and processing invoices.
  • Design document profiles for ease of adding and retrieving documents.
  • Provide daily cleanup of duplicated invoices.
  • Run weekly reports to find old documents, where they are assigned, why they are held up and assist in getting a resolution.diagnostic reports at month end, rebuilding totals on the database if errors are found
  • Advance the software to the next accounting month.

Recommended Items

  • Standard operating procedures for accounts payable processes
  • Vendor management policies and procedures
  • Expense report policies and procedures
  • Documentation requirements for invoice processing and payment
  • Approval workflows for invoices and payments

Content Examples

  • Accounts payable reports including aging reports, vendor statements, and payment history
  • Financial statements and reports related to accounts payable such as balance sheets and income statements
  • Documentation of accounts payable policies and procedures
  • Records of vendor contracts and agreements
  • Audit reports and documentation related to accounts payable processes and controls

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Review and approve all incoming invoices from vendors

- Investigate and resolve any discrepancies or issues with invoices or payments

- Monitor and reconcile accounts payable aging reports on a regular basis

- Coordinate with purchasing and receiving departments to ensure timely and accurate processing of invoices

- Prepare and distribute monthly accounts payable reports to management and other stakeholders

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Review and approve invoices for payment on a weekly basis

- Conduct weekly check runs to ensure timely payment to vendors

- Reconcile vendor statements on a monthly basis to ensure accuracy of accounts payable balances

- Prepare and file 1099 forms for vendors at the end of each calendar year

- Monitor and manage accounts payable aging report to ensure timely payment and resolution of outstanding balances.

Sample Infill Tasks

- Review and approve vendor invoices for payment

- Ensure accuracy of data entry and coding of invoices

- Reconcile vendor statements and resolve any discrepancies

- Process employee expense reports and reimbursements

- Maintain accurate records of all accounts payable transactions

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