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Maximize the value of a global team, without the wait or risk.

Reduce labor costs.

Relay helps companies reduce labor rates by providing access to global talent pools at regional rates, allowing businesses to save on labor costs while maintaining high-quality work standards.

We also handle all administrative, compliance, and operational (office, equipment, connectivity etc) aspects of international employment, further decreasing costs and headaches for our customers.

Find great people, fast.

Relay helps companies find great people, fast, by offering a pre-vetted pool of international candidates who are immediately available to work from our world-class offices, with no delays in recruitment or onboarding.

This ensures that customers can quickly scale their workforce while minimizing the administrative and compliance burdens associated with international hiring.

Mitigate risk while expanding internationally.

Looking to expand your business overseas without the added stress and risks of navigating unfamiliar waters? Relay mitigates compliance risks in international hiring, enabling you to establish a presence in new markets quickly and efficiently.

A win-win model for you and your employees.

Improve productivity for your entire team – enable your local team to focus on big-lift projects, while your overseas teams supports your organization in getting ahead ahead. Reduce labor costs without compromising quality, with experienced guidance every step of the way.


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