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Global Support Team For


Running a multi-location or online retail operation requires a sophisticated approach to administration, logistics, marketing, inventory, and customer management. Relay staff can help in multiple areas to keep your product flowing and your customers happy.

Use Cases

Retail Orchestration at a Global Level

Integrate international team members into key functions to keep the complexities of a retail operation running in harmony. Relay resources will keep everything on track.

Contract and Lease Management

Effectively track valuable enterprise content and administer lease clauses and critical dates.

Customer Service

Field a team to monitor, respond to, and escalate customer service issues.

Technology Support

Provide network, user, and application support to keep the tech intact.

Recruiting and Staff Management

Recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, benefits administration, travel, and other important functions.





Human Resources

Information Technology




Property Management




Whether you need support on lease administration, property accounting, or investment analysis, Relay can help you quickly hire the right people for the job.

Speak with us to learn more.

“Relay has been a game changer for our company.

We were able to on-board a team of talented professionals quickly who understand the nuances of the commercial real estate industry. Their expertise and attention to detail have helped us to streamline our operations and achieve our objectives with a significant cost savings. We couldn't be happier with their services.”

Alex KakhnovetsSenior Director of Leasing

How Relay can help

Relay makes it fast, easy, and virtually risk-free to unlock global talent, scale fast, and provide a world-class experience for your team members and customers.

Scale Seamlessly While Reducing Risk

Scale your team up or down to meet changing business needs, with access to pre-vetted, skilled international talent.

Opening Your Own Overseas Office

We help smooth transitions and avoid costly mistakes in the legal, financial, and cultural landscape of international hiring.

Managing Your
Overseas Office

We can handle all the ops, admin, and HR aspects, from registering a legal entity to leasing and furnishing an office.

Expert Guidance With You at Every Step

With 12+ years of experience, we help customers navigate the complexities and nuances of international expansion.

Why Relay

Backed by years
of experience

Relay minimizes the administrative, legal, and operational burdens of spinning up and managing international teams & offices so you can focus on your core business.


Working day coverage


Office locations


Labor cost savings

Why Relay

Unlock the power of global support staff

  • Get work-day continuity across 3 different time zones and gain greater efficiency across all departments.
  • Free up your local team to focus on strategic, higher value-driving activities.
  • Save on salaries while delivering higher quality of life for all of your employees.
How it Works

Your hires,
our infrastructure

Your international Relay hires work in-person from a Relay office, where they are supported by an office staff, IT department, colleagues, engaged working culture, and more.

You handle onboarding and getting the work done just as your would any other full-time employee.

We handle the rest: recruiting, hiring, payroll, benefits, office, computer, connectivity, IT, food, team-building events and just about everything else needed to keep an employee happy.

San Pedro Sula,
Mexico City,
Be a Hero at Your Company

Find an edge in the industry.

Labor costs are the single biggest impact to your P&L. Scale operations, increase productivity, and grow your bottom line without the risk or hassle or traditional international hiring, with Relay.

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