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Department(s): Training and Instruction
Position Type: Full-Time
Office Location(s): Other |

Job Overview

The Channel Program Manager (CPM) oversees the sourcing, contracting, and delivery cycle for resources related to a Channel’s product or service, with direct responsibility for associated sales and business development.  This activity includes collaborating with internal departments, key Channel contacts, and Resources (Candidates, Bench, and Placed) to create and administer an effective program.  Most of the role’s duties involve executing sales and business development tactics, focusing on prospecting and active outreach from identifying prospects to closing contracts.  Significant efforts include creating and launching content, following up with Prospects, and working with existing customers to expand the placement of specialized Resources.  Effective relationship management and sales execution, combined with product and market knowledge, make for success in this role.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with CRM, Document Management, Learning Management Systems, and central operations platform.
  • Utilize social media platforms, marketing automation systems, and Channel products.
  • Manage incoming requests from customers, sales leads, and CRM cases.
  • Handle social media posts and scheduled tasks from central operations.
  • Leverage online content, including Channelgenerated content, job postings, and news.
  • Extract actionable insights from reports on inventory, customer, and resource satisfaction.
  • Utilize sales support tools like messaging frameworks, templates, and Zoominfo.
  • Generate primary outputs for sales activities, including pitches, emails, and contracts.
  • Produce secondary outputs for marketing content, including social media and email campaigns.
  • Ensure pervasive updates, including CRM updates and saving marketing material.
  • Contribute to training initiatives, including content creation and delivery.
  • Implement quality control and processmanagement checklists.
  • Prioritize the general operations platform for output expression.
  • Avoid adhoc, personal, or unconnected systems for output.
  • Drive seamless collaboration across systems for effective program management.

Education & Training

  • CRM
  • Channel Messaging Framework
  • Customer Messaging Framework
  • Resource Messaging Framework
  • Social Media Marketing Tools
  • Data Validation Tools (e.g.: Zoominfo)

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Indepth understanding of existing Channel product services and offerings.
  • Proven experience in researching and enquiring about product roadmaps for Channel offerings.
  • Ability to identify and update records of individuals involved in product management at Channel.
  • Strong background in regularly checking in with Channel contacts to stay informed about new features, products, and offerings.
  • Experience in conducting regular checkins with Channel Product Managers to understand key and changing roles.
  • Demonstrated skill in researching new releases and updates and adjusting internal programming accordingly.

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