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Yardi Listing Site Specialist

Job Overview

The Yardi Listing Sites Specialist has primary responsibility for building and maintaining relationships between the company and Yardi’s online listing sites.  This begins with ensuring that high-quality data and pictures are flowing via API’s to their listing sites, and that it appears accurately.   The Yardi Listing Sites Specialist also monitors and facilitates lead processing and attribution, and performs quality control on any possible listing fees.  An important internal resource, the Specialist coordinates with various internal departments to ensure that leads are documented and worked to closure.  This role may also include technical involvement in automation, syndication, API integration, and other aspects of data transfer.

Organizational Impact

Marketing through online listing sites exposes our inventory to a much larger group of viewers than we could ever reach directly, so is a critical success factor for the company. An effective Yardi Listing Sites Specialist multiplies the positive results of this important approach.  Having accurate and complete data, tracking leads and opportunities keeps the entire ecosystem running smoothly.  Because this activity involves many internal and external participants, consolidating communications and responsibility via a Specialist improves the experience not only for the partner, but also for the multiple internal departments involved in the fulfillment process.  With centralized process knowledge and oversight, the Yardi Listing Site Specialist relieves delays and confusion, and allows all parties to focus on finding and closing new business and growing the company.


Key Systems

The Specialist works closely with the company’s inventory, asset, or space management system as a source of basic data.  The company’s syndication engine is core to this role as it pushes the basic data and pictures to Yardi’s online listing sites.  Access to the CRM system allows for effective tracking of leads and opportunities that enter the system, as well as for identifying conflicts and duplication of information.  If the organization has a data lake or data warehouse, or uses automation to syndicate listing data, access to those systems is also important.  


The most common inputs relate to leads and opportunities originating from the Yardi listing partners, whether they come directly to the Online Listing Specialist or feed directly into the CRM or Sales Teams.  The Specialist also receives questions from internal and external stakeholders, via email or assigned tasks, including ad-hoc requests for detailed information on inventory or analyses of data.  Automated systems may generate error alerts, or reminders for regularly scheduled tasks and audits.  The sales and marketing systems provide inputs on the status of leads and the signed contracts and contract details.  If the company has a unified task management system, inputs arrive there in the form of specific tasks.


The primary output of the Yardi Listing Sites Specialist is data about our inventory, properly formatted and sent to online listing partners according to schedule.   Notifications and alerts of data issues are provided to internal or external participants depending on the source of the data issue.  Outputs related to trafficking leads take the form of assignments of and added information to specific leads.  Responses to ad-hoc questions, tasks, and data requests are frequent.  The Yardi Listing Site Specialist may also provide recommendations for new list details, and for improving the process or connecting technically with these sites.  Finally, scheduled reporting and ad-hoc insight circulation are important outputs.



  • Audit Yardi Listing Sites for suite accuracy, rates and pictures
  • Oversee the upload of all properties, suites, rates and pictures
  • Ensure that all leads are correctly identified and tracked 
  • Track progression of all leads and monitor progress of leads through sales stages
  • Agree and confirm contracts signed and terms of contracts
  • Document all Yardi’s existing data inputs 
  • Drive the development of data transfer solutions with each listing site or with Yardi corporate
  • Review Partner Agreement and Contracts
  • Respond to Ad-Hoc Requests for Analytics
  • Perform Regular KPI Reporting 
  • Intervene for Bottlenecks and Opportunities
  • Manage Feedback / Satisfaction Process
  • Review Trends & Generate Insights
  • Data Quality Monitoring
  • Engage in technical issues relating to data transfer as a project manager or stakeholder

Recommended Items

  • Listing Syndicator SystemAccess to all Management software and Finance SystemsStandard Email Addresses and Web Forms for SubmittalReporting and Analytics ToolArticulated KPIs for Time to Respond and Time to ResolveAccess to Customer Agreement

Content Examples

  • Property
  • Level Listing DataUnit
  • Level Listing DataPhotos of Properties & UnitsSales / Leasing Assignments per PropertyLeasing Reports

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

  • Process or assign incoming lead originating through a listing site
  • Validate incoming lead originating through a listing site
  • Participate in the onboarding of new properties and inventory data
  • Respond to ad-hoc requests and alerts
  • Field questions from internal and external participants
  • Respond to Ad-Hoc Requests for Analytics
  • Intervene for bottlenecks and opportunities
  • Address issues relating to data transfer with listing partners
  • Initiate or respond to technical problems relating to data transfer


Sample Scheduled Tasks

  • Push or validate the push of data per schedule to Yardi’s online listing sites
  • Audit of all Listings for suite accuracy, rates and pictures
  • Perform Regular KPI Reporting
  • Reach out to for routine check-ins

Sample Infill Tasks

  • Trend Spotting & Insight Analysis across all Partners
  • Data Audit – Internal Data (how inventory appears on internal systems)
  • Data Audit – External Data (how inventory appears on Yardi’s listing sites)
  • Ensure that all leads are correctly identified and tracked 


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