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Treasury Clerk

Job Overview

The Treasury Clerk is responsible for managing and maintaining the organization’s financial records, as well as providing support to other departments. They play a crucial role in managing cash flow and ensuring that funds are available for day-to-day operations. The role involves monitoring bank accounts, preparing financial reports, and reconciling accounts. The Treasury Clerk also works closely with the accounting team to ensure that all financial records are accurate and up-to-date. They may also be responsible for managing electronic payment systems and supporting cash management processes, as well as helping to identify and implement process improvements.

Organizational Impact

The Treasury Clerk plays a crucial role in the financial management of an organization. The job responsibilities of a Treasury Clerk include managing cash flow, reconciling bank statements, processing payments, and maintaining accurate financial records. The impact of this job on the organization can be summarized as follows:

1. Financial Stability: The Treasury Clerk ensures that the organization has enough cash to meet its financial obligations. By managing cash flow and reconciling bank statements, the Treasury Clerk helps to maintain the financial stability of the organization.

2. Compliance: The Treasury Clerk ensures that all financial transactions are in compliance with the organization's policies and procedures, as well as with applicable laws and regulations. This helps to minimize the risk of financial fraud and other legal issues.

3. Efficiency: The Treasury Clerk streamlines financial processes and procedures, which helps to improve the efficiency of the organization. This can lead to cost savings and increased profitability.

4. Decision-making: The Treasury Clerk provides accurate and timely financial information to management, which helps them to make informed decisions about the organization's financial future.

Overall, the Treasury Clerk has a significant impact on the financial health and success of the organization.

Key Systems

- Accounting software

- Spreadsheet software

- Banking software

- Financial reporting software

- Cash management software

The most important five systems for a Treasury Clerk would be:

- Accounting software

- Spreadsheet software

- Banking software

- Financial reporting software

- Cash management software


- Financial data and reports

- Bank statements and transactions

- Cash and check deposits

- Invoices and receipts

- Budget and forecasting information


- Daily cash balance report

- Bank reconciliation statement

- Cash receipts and disbursement records

- Investment portfolio reports

- Cash flow forecast analysis


  • Prepares daily deposits received
  • Daily Bank Runs
  • Prepares audit worksheet for each deposit, obtains approval; then scans
  • Prepares and deposits off site check deposit with other banks
  • Updates daily collection report
  • Process ACH/EFT payments
  • Process Fed and International Wires
  • Processes Vendor AP checks
  • Special Projects as assigned

Recommended Items

  • Cash management procedures
  • Bank reconciliation process
  • Petty cash management guidelines
  • Treasury reporting requirements
  • Documentation for wire transfers and other financial transactions

Content Examples

  • Daily cash reports
  • Bank reconciliation statements
  • Budget reports
  • Investment portfolio reports
  • Financial statements

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Reconcile bank statements on a monthly basis

- Process wire transfers for vendor payments

- Update cash flow projections based on incoming and outgoing funds

- Monitor and report on changes in interest rates for investment accounts

- Prepare and submit documentation for loan applications and renewals

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Reconciling bank statements on a monthly basis

- Processing and recording daily cash receipts and disbursements

- Preparing and submitting weekly cash flow reports to management

- Maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions in the general ledger

- Assisting with the preparation of annual budgets and financial statements

Sample Infill Tasks

- Processing and recording financial transactions in the treasury system

- Reconciling bank statements and ensuring accuracy of financial records

- Preparing and issuing invoices and receipts for payments received

- Monitoring and managing cash flow to ensure sufficient funds are available for daily operations

- Assisting with the preparation of financial reports and budgets for management review

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