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Personal Assistant

Job Overview

The Personal Assistant provides a wide range of administrative, personal and household support to an individual or team. This includes but is not limited to managing calendars, arranging travel, coordinating vendors and staff, organizing events, and assisting with personal communications. The Personal Assistant also handles confidential information with discretion and communicates effectively.

Organizational Impact

The organization impact of a Personal Assistant job can be significant. A Personal Assistant is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of an executive or high-level employee, which can include scheduling appointments, managing correspondence, organizing meetings, and handling administrative tasks. By taking on these responsibilities, a Personal Assistant can help to increase the productivity and efficiency of the executive they are supporting, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and projects. Additionally, a Personal Assistant can help to improve communication and coordination within the organization, ensuring that important information is shared and acted upon in a timely manner. Overall, a skilled and effective Personal Assistant can have a positive impact on the organization by helping to streamline operations, improve communication, and increase productivity.

Key Systems

- Email management systems

- Calendar and scheduling systems

- Task management systems

- Communication and messaging systems

- File and document management systems

The most important five systems would be email management systems, calendar and scheduling systems, task management systems, communication and messaging systems, and file and document management systems.


- Schedule and calendar management

- Communication and correspondence management

- Travel arrangements and logistics

- Meeting preparation and coordination

- Administrative tasks and document management


- Organized schedule and calendar for the employer

- Efficiently managed emails and correspondence

- Coordinated travel arrangements and itineraries

- Prepared reports and presentations as needed

- Conducted research and provided recommendations on various tasks and projects


  • Running personal errands
  • Supervising and (occasional) caring for minor children and providing transportation
  • Oversees other household staff
  • Coordinating schedules and maintaining calendars for each family member
  • Caring for household pets
  • Organizing and maintaining personal files/information regarding medical records, financial information, and itineraries
  • Attending appointments and taking notes for head(s) of household
  • Managing maintenance and upkeep of the home
  • Planning and organizing events

Recommended Items

  • Daily task list and schedule
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Expense report guidelines
  • Communication protocol with employer and other staff
  • Emergency contact information and procedures

Content Examples

  • Daily task list and schedule
  • Meeting notes and action items
  • Expense reports and receipts
  • Travel itineraries and reservations
  • Contact lists and correspondence records

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Schedule a meeting with the boss's client after receiving an email request

- Remind the boss of an upcoming deadline for a project

- Book a flight and hotel for the boss's business trip after receiving approval

- Order lunch for the boss's meeting with a potential investor

- Research and compile a list of potential vendors for the boss's upcoming event after receiving the event details.

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Schedule and coordinate meetings and appointments for the employer

- Manage and organize the employer's email inbox and respond to messages on their behalf

- Conduct research and compile reports on various topics as requested by the employer

- Handle travel arrangements, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation

- Manage the employer's calendar and remind them of upcoming events and deadlines

Sample Infill Tasks

- Schedule appointments and meetings for the employer

- Manage the employer's email inbox and respond to messages on their behalf

- Conduct research on various topics and provide summaries or recommendations to the employer

- Coordinate travel arrangements, including booking flights, hotels, and transportation

- Handle administrative tasks such as filing, organizing documents, and preparing reports

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