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Leasing Business Analyst

Job Overview

The Leasing Business Analyst covers a full range of activities to ensure the operational effectiveness and excellence of the business unit. This includes design and documentation of workflows, tracking and analyzing activity and trends, and suggesting (and implementing) process improvements. The Business Analyst serves as a Project Manager and leads a number of key projects that touch the Leasing, Accounting, Legal, and Operations teams. This position leverages strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as proficiency in relevant software and systems.

Organizational Impact

The Leasing Business Analyst plays a critical role in the organization's leasing operations. They are responsible for analyzing leasing data, identifying trends, and making recommendations to improve the leasing process. The impact of this job on the organization includes:

1. Improved leasing process: The Leasing Business Analyst's analysis and recommendations can help streamline the leasing process, making it more efficient and effective.

2. Increased revenue: By identifying opportunities for lease renewals and upselling, the Leasing Business Analyst can help increase the organization's revenue.

3. Better decision-making: The Leasing Business Analyst's insights can help the organization make informed decisions about leasing strategies, pricing, and other important factors.

4. Enhanced customer experience: By improving the leasing process and identifying opportunities for upselling, the Leasing Business Analyst can help enhance the customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Competitive advantage: By leveraging data and insights to improve the leasing process and drive revenue growth, the organization can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Key Systems

- Lease accounting software

- Financial modeling software

- Customer relationship management (CRM) software

- Microsoft Excel

- Data visualization tools (e.g. Tableau)


- Market research data on leasing trends and customer preferences

- Financial data on leasing rates, costs, and profitability

- Sales data on leasing performance and customer feedback

- Industry regulations and compliance requirements

- Internal company policies and procedures related to leasing operations


- Analyze leasing data and provide insights to management

- Develop and maintain leasing models and forecasts

- Create reports and presentations for leasing team and stakeholders

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify and implement process improvements

- Monitor and track leasing performance metrics and provide recommendations for optimization


  • Work closely with team members and the Director of Leasing to identify areas for process improvement
  • Collaborate with Information Technology and Application Development teams to determine the appropriate solution for identified areas – Excel, Database, other
  • Collaborate and lead the implement teams; for the identified solution working with members from various departments
  • Train department members on how to use the identified solution
  • Take assigned project original concept through final implementation; define project scope and objectives; create and maintain project schedules by developing project plans and specifications, estimating time requirements, establishing deadlines, monitoring milestone completion, tracking all phases of the project product/service lifecycle, providing timely reporting of issues that impact project progress, coordinating actions, and resolving conflicts, including documenting, prioritizing and tracking requests
  • Assess operational impacts, workflow, training, etc. issues of a project
  • Develop effective reporting tools for the business unit
  • All other duties as assigned

Recommended Items

  • Lease analysis and underwriting procedures
  • Documentation requirements for lease transactions
  • Financial modeling and forecasting techniques
  • Market research and analysis methodologies
  • Reporting and presentation templates for lease portfolio performance

Content Examples

  • Business requirements document
  • Functional specifications document
  • Test cases and scenarios document
  • User manuals and training materials
  • Project status reports and updates

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Analyze market trends and competitor activity to identify potential leasing opportunities

- Create financial models to evaluate the profitability of potential leasing deals

- Monitor lease expirations and proactively reach out to tenants to renew or renegotiate leases

- Conduct site visits and property inspections to assess the condition of leased properties

- Collaborate with leasing agents and property managers to develop and implement leasing strategies for specific properties or portfolios

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Analyze leasing data and prepare reports on a weekly basis

- Conduct market research and provide recommendations for pricing adjustments on a monthly basis

- Review lease agreements and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations on a quarterly basis

- Collaborate with leasing team to develop and implement strategies for improving occupancy rates on a bi-annual basis

- Monitor and track leasing performance metrics and provide insights to management on a monthly basis

Sample Infill Tasks

- Conduct market research to identify potential leasing opportunities

- Analyze leasing data to identify trends and make recommendations for improvements

- Develop and maintain relationships with leasing partners and vendors

- Create and maintain leasing reports and dashboards for management

- Assist in the development and implementation of leasing strategies and initiatives

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