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HR Helpdesk Specialist

Job Overview

The HR HelpDesk Specialist is a key participant in monitoring, facilitating, and trafficking HR-related requests from origination to completion. This begins with identifying incoming requests and ensuring that they are properly profiled, assigned, and accepted by relevant team members. In many cases, the HR HelpDesk Specialist can address the request directly. Attention is paid to Employee Request requiring additional authorization or relating to incidents requiring intervention. Stalled requests and bottlenecks are monitored and addressed. Post completion, the HR HelpDesk Specialist validates completion and satisfaction with requesting employee. On an ongoing basis, the HR HelpDesk Specialist monitors relevant KPIs and identifies insights to improve company culture and employee experience.

Organizational Impact

An effective HR HelpDesk Specialist improves company culture and employee experience by supporting the entire request lifecycle for employee issues. While the customer and the service provider (maintenance tech, accountant, property manager, contractor, etc.) have excellent frontline views, the HR HelpDesk Specialist brings an overarching understanding of the entire service landscape, including timing, trends, backlog, available resources, and so forth. This role helps ensure that tasks are addressed effectively, costs are properly allocated, and customer satisfaction is enhanced. By properly allocating resources and identifying opportunities for ongoing improvement, the Service Administrator also helps the organization evolve.

Key Systems

The HR HelpDesk Specialist works closely with the organization’s HRIS, TMS, or Ticketing system, and typically has access to the employee records and benefits administration systems.


Incoming Employee Requests ideally arrive in a unified system through generic emails, web forms, customer application entries, and hand keying requesting employees. Ad-hoc requests for analyses are provided by colleagues.


The HR HelpDesk Specialist outputs direct responses to employee requests, or assignments thereof to relevant colleagues. In many cases this includes annotations, appended documents, instructions, and other content to help clarify or improve an employee request. Instructions may be communicated to third parties, such as benefits or payroll providers, or to an employee’s supervisor. Reports and analyses are created and circulated appropriately to internal stakeholders.


  • Review Employee Request
  • Reply to Employee Request
  • Assign Employee Request
  • Schedule Employee Request
  • Log Activity or Information in System
  • Review Employee Information (Benefits, PTO, Licensure, etc.)
  • Allocate Cost
  • Obtain Approval As Needed
  • Review Aging of Employee Requests
  • Escalate Employee Requests
  • Contact Service Providers (Benefits, Payroll, etc.)
  • Schedule Meetings
  • Respond to Ad-Hoc Requests for Analytics
  • Perform Regular KPI Reporting
  • Intervene for Bottlenecks and Opportunities
  • Validate Employee Request Completion
  • Manage Employee Satisfaction Process
  • Spot Check Employee Requests
  • Review Trends & Generate Insights
  • Data Quality Monitoring

Recommended Items

  • Unified Employee Request Portal
  • Standard Email Addresses and Web Forms for Submittal
  • Organizational Chart
  • Employee Handbook
  • Reporting and Analytics Tool
  • Articulated KPIs for Time to Respond and Time to Resolve

Content Examples

  • Compensation / Commission Questions
  • Benefits Enrollment / Status Questions
  • Employee PTO Status / Adjustments
  • Employment Agreements
  • Professional Certification and Licensure
  • Incident Reports / Grievances
  • Employee Allocations
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Employee Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Expense Reimbursements
  • Employee Travel

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

  • Review Employee Request
  • Respond to or Resolve Employee Request
  • Assign or Escalate Employee Request
  • Schedule Meeting Relating to Employee Request
  • Perform Employee Onboarding Task
  • Log Activity or Information in System
  • Adjust PTO, Benefits, Cost Allocations, etc.
  • Review Employee Agreement / Status / Accruals
  • Obtain Approval As Needed
  • Respond to Ad-Hoc Requests for Analytics
  • Intervene for Bottlenecks and Opportunities
  • Validate Employee Request Completion

Sample Scheduled Tasks

  • Perform Regular KPI Reporting
  • Validate Employee Request Completion
  • Manage Employee Feedback / Employee Satisfaction Process
  • Check In with Supervisors Regarding Employee Requests

Sample Infill Tasks

  • Review Aging of Employee Requests
  • Trend Spotting & Insight Analysis
  • Spot-Check by Employee, Department, Request Category, Location
  • Data Quality Audit
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