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Job Overview

The Designer collaborates with the on-site team to create beautiful and functional spaces that make design a strategic advantage. This role includes the design of lobbies, stores, delis, building entrances, elevators, and landscaping programs for properties in various asset types. The Designer works with standard and custom finishes, and supplements the existing in-house team of designers, space planners, and architects. This role includes a particular focus on translating field notes and requirements, providing multiple options, and reseaching FF&E.

Organizational Impact

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The organization impact of a designer job can be significant. Designers are responsible for creating visual and/or functional solutions to problems faced by organizations. They work in a variety of industries, including fashion, graphic design, web design, interior design, and product design.

Designers can impact an organization in several ways:

1. Branding: Designers are responsible for creating a brand identity that represents the organization's values and mission. A strong brand identity can help an organization stand out in a crowded market and attract customers.

2. Product development: Designers play a crucial role in the development of new products. They work closely with engineers and other stakeholders to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3. User experience: Designers are responsible for creating user-friendly interfaces and experiences. A well-designed product or website can improve user engagement and satisfaction.

4. Marketing: Designers create marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and advertisements. These materials can help an organization promote its products and services and attract new customers.

Overall, the impact of a designer job on an organization can be significant. A well-designed product or brand identity can help an organization stand out in a crowded market and attract customers.

Key Systems

- Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

- Sketch

- Figma

- Canva

- Procreate (for iPad)


- Client requirements and specifications

- Market trends and consumer preferences

- Budget and resource constraints

- Materials and manufacturing processes

- Feedback and collaboration with team members and stakeholders


- Design concepts and sketches

- Digital mockups and prototypes

- Finalized designs for print or digital media

- Branding guidelines and style guides

- Collaborative feedback and revisions with clients and team members


  • Under general supervision and working within a team setting, this full-time position requires an experienced designer. The Designer should also have production knowledge, ability to multi-task, co-create design & F/F/E packages, complete 3D renderings, and conceptual manage entire campus design packages.
  • Choose finishes for a broad range of projects
  • Create finish & concept boards and presentations as needed to convey concepts
  • Select fixtures, lighting, hardware, etc.
  • Create custom finishes
  • Design interior and exterior landscaping
  • Select and place art and sculpture
  • Advise on signage & wayfinding
  • Advise on specialty space layouts & space planning concepts (with space planner / architect)
  • Negotiate with vendors, obtain bids (with construction managers)

Recommended Items

  • Design briefs and project requirements
  • Design templates and style guides
  • Design software and tools
  • Design review and feedback processes
  • Design project management and workflow documentation

Content Examples

  • Design specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Material lists
  • Bill of materials
  • User manuals

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Create a new logo design for a client after receiving their branding questionnaire

- Design a social media graphic for a new product launch announcement

- Develop a website layout and design based on client's brand guidelines and content

- Design a brochure for a trade show event after receiving the event details and target audience information

- Create a custom illustration for a blog post based on the topic and target audience

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Review and respond to client emails and messages every morning

- Attend weekly team meetings to discuss project progress and updates

- Conduct research on industry trends and competitor designs every Monday

- Create and present design concepts to clients every two weeks

- Collaborate with copywriters to finalize content for designs every Thursday

Sample Infill Tasks

- Researching current design trends and incorporating them into new projects

- Collaborating with clients to understand their vision and needs for a project

- Creating detailed sketches and mockups to present to clients for approval

- Selecting materials and finishes that align with the project's budget and aesthetic

- Communicating with contractors and other professionals to ensure the project is executed according to plan

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