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Customer Experience Associate

Job Overview

The Customer Experience Associate provides administrative support to the Sales and Operations Teams, as well as the corporate office. When functioning as a first responder to incoming calls, the provides a positive first impression while understanding request and routing them to the appropriate person or resource.  The CEA is cross-trained to interact directly with prospective customers to schedule appointments across the organization.

Organizational Impact

The organization impact of a Customer Experience Associate job can be significant. This role is responsible for ensuring that customers have a positive experience with the organization, which can lead to increased customer loyalty, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals. A Customer Experience Associate can also help identify areas where the organization can improve its customer service and make recommendations for changes. Additionally, this role can help the organization gather valuable feedback from customers, which can be used to inform product development and marketing strategies. Overall, a Customer Experience Associate can play a crucial role in shaping the organization's reputation and success.

Key Systems

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

- Email and chat platforms

- Phone systems

- Social media platforms

- Knowledge management systems


- Customer inquiries and requests

- Company policies and procedures

- Product and service offerings

- Customer feedback and reviews

- Sales and marketing strategies


- Responding to customer inquiries and resolving issues

- Providing product recommendations and upselling opportunities

- Maintaining accurate customer records and data entry

- Collaborating with team members to improve customer experience

- Generating reports and analyzing customer feedback to identify areas for improvement


  • Answer the telephone promptly and greet visitors in a pleasant and professional manner
  • Deal with inquiries in reception and maintain a clean, tidy environment
  • Transfer calls to the appropriate person and take clear messages with all of the relevant information if that person is not available
  • Responsible for outgoing mail, posting and recording incoming mail when required; responsible for processing deliveries, handling and distributing faxes
  • Provides applicable information as needed
  • Help with initiated chats from website
  • All other duties as assigned

Recommended Items

  • Customer service training materials and manuals
  • Standard operating procedures for handling customer inquiries and complaints
  • Customer feedback forms and surveys
  • Knowledge base or FAQ documents for common customer questions
  • Performance metrics and goals for measuring customer satisfaction and success

Content Examples

  • Customer feedback reports
  • Training manuals for new hires
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Customer service scripts
  • Performance evaluations and metrics

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Send a personalized thank-you email to a customer who has made a purchase

- Follow up with a customer who has left a negative review to address their concerns and offer a solution

- Send a birthday discount code to a customer who has provided their birthdate in their account information

- Notify the customer service team when a customer has made multiple returns in a short period of time

- Send a survey to a customer who has recently interacted with the company's social media accounts to gather feedback on their experience.

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Responding to customer inquiries via email, phone, or chat on a daily basis

- Conducting customer satisfaction surveys on a weekly basis

- Monitoring social media channels for customer feedback and responding accordingly on a daily basis

- Updating customer account information and order status on a daily basis

- Providing product recommendations and upselling to customers on a regular basis

Sample Infill Tasks

- Responding to customer inquiries via phone, email, and chat

- Resolving customer complaints and issues in a timely and professional manner

- Providing product and service information to customers

- Processing orders, returns, and exchanges

- Maintaining accurate customer records and updating customer information as needed

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