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Job Overview

The Attorney provides legal counsel and support to internal team members regarding commercial and real estate litigation matters. This includes drafting and reviewing legal documents, reviewing requests, answering internal questions, and managing legal databases. Legal research, discovery planning and execustion, and content management and review are common activities.  This position leverages a Juris Doctor degree, familiarity with US or UK common law, and the ability to read and understand contracts, regulations, and legislation.

Organizational Impact

Attorney will contribute to the overall success of the organization in the following ways:

Legal Compliance: Ensure the organization operates in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks and potential liabilities.

Risk Management: Identify, assess, and mitigate legal risks associated with business activities, contracts, and operations.

Contract Management: Review, draft, and negotiate contracts to protect the organization's interests and ensure favorable contractual relationships.

Dispute Resolution: Represent the organization in legal disputes to achieve favorable outcomes and minimize financial and reputational harm.

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard the organization's intellectual property rights to maintain a competitive advantage and market position.

Employee Relations: Provide guidance on employment law matters to ensure fair practices and compliance with labor laws.

Corporate Governance: Establish and maintain proper corporate governance practices, ensuring compliance with regulations and supporting strategic decision-making.

Key Systems

- Legal research databases and resources

- Document management systems

- Case management software

- Contract management tools

- Intellectual property management software


- Legal documents, contracts, and agreements

- Legal research and analysis

- Requests for legal advice or opinions

- Reports on legal issues and risks

- Updates on changes in laws and regulations


- Legal opinions and recommendations

Drafted contracts, agreements, and legal documents

- Representing the organization in legal proceedings

- Resolutions and settlements of legal disputes

- Intellectual property registrations and protections

- Compliance reports and documentation


- Direct handling of litigation matters involving commercial litigation and personal injury defense

- Claims response and oversight 

- Support to Operations, including but not limited to contract negotiation, legal risk analysis, local law complaince

Recommended Items

  • Standard Contract Templates
  • Standard Contract File
  • Sample Contracts with Exceptions Noted
  • Checklist for Contract Review
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Contract Options Definitions

Content Examples

  • Legal Policies and Procedures: Employee Handbook, Contract Management Guidelines
  • Compliance Training Materials: Anti
  • Corruption and Bribery Training, Data Privacy and Security Training
  • Legal Templates and Resources: Contract Templates, Legal Research Databases
  • Legal Updates and Newsletters: Legal Bulletins, Newsletter
  • Document Libraries and Knowledge Repositories: Legal Document Repository, Knowledge Base
  • Training Presentations and Workshops: Legal Training Presentations, Workshops and Seminars
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Litigation Management SOP, Regulatory Compliance SOP
  • Internal Communication: Legal Alerts and Announcements, Legal Q&A Forum

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Contract Dispute Resolution

- Data Breach Incident

- Regulatory Investigation

- Intellectual Property Infringement Claim

- Employment Discrimination Complaint Handling

- Product Liability Litigation

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Contract Review and Negotiation

- Legal Research and Analysis

- Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

- Contract Renewal and Amendment

- Legal Research on Regulatory Updates

- Compliance Audit Preparation

Sample Infill Tasks

- Legal Document Drafting

- Due Diligence

- Training and Knowledge Sharing

- Legal Memorandum Writing

- Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

- Legal Training Content Development

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