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Assistant Recruiter

Job Overview

The Assistant Recruiter helps on-site staff, hiring managers, and internal and external recruiters to smooth the hiring process and provide a better experience to existing and prospective team members. This includes managing open positions, working with internal departments, posting openings, and acting as a first reviewer for incoming applications. The Assistant Recruiter may also coordinate interviews, assessments, reference checking, and other pre-employment tasks.

Organizational Impact

The Assistant Recruiter helps the organization find and on-board incredible people, beginning by creating a positive first impression. By treating applicants like important customers, the Assistant Recruiter sends the message that the company cares and sets the tone for all future interactions. In addition, managing the flow of information associated with the hiring process creates capacity for the interviewing team to spend more time with candidates, doing a better job of matching talent with company needs. Companies that attract the best people have a huge advantage, and the Assistant Recruiter plays a critical role in creating that reality.

Key Systems

The Assistant Recruiter works closely with the company’s HRIS or Talent Acquisition system, along with the job sites and aggregators to which the company subscribes. The Assistant Recruiter may use systems like LinkedIn, indeed, and others. If the organization has a unified Task Management System or Shared Calendar, the Assistant Recruiter will access that system to schedule interviews and obtain approvals. Other systems include systems that perform background checks, pre-employment assessments, or resume or candidate systems.


The most common input for an Assistant Recruiter is an incoming job application, though various channels, along with internal requests from hiring managers or recruiting colleagues to post or change open positions. If the Assistant Recruiter is interfacing with applicants or external recruiting partners, communications and candidate submissions from those sources are common inputs. Hiring Managers and Recruiters will contact the Assistant Recruiter to request status, feedback on resumes, and general updates. Inputs also include Ad-Hoc request for analysis routed through email, or through a unified task management system. Date-based alerts and recurring tasks are originated by a workflow or calendar system.


The Assistant Recruiter flags resumes to advance (or not advance) through the company’s hiring process and, per company policy, replies to candidate submissions and inquiries. Outputs include notes on applications, and categorization/ranking or assignment. The Assistant Recruiter also posts and changes job listings on various sites. If coordinating interviews, the Assistant Recruiter typically sends emails to candidates and schedules interviews using a shared calendar or meeting requests. Reports such as candidate funnel, open job postings, and other or Ad-Hoc analyses are created in a system of record, a reporting tool, or manually (with excel or a similar tool) and circulated or posted internally. Orders and instructions for pre-hire screenings and assessments may be common outputs.


  • Job Postings
    o Post Open Positions
    o Set Screener Questions / Submission Workflows
    o Manage Job Site Accounts
    o Update / Remove Positions

  • Resume Review
    o Review Resume Submissions
    o Enter Notes
    o Rank / Flag / Assign for Further Review
    o Communicate Status to Applicants

  • Interview Coordination
    o Communicate with Hiring Managers
    o Extend Interview Invitations
    o Set Appointments
    o Collect Feedback
    o Communicate Results (Internal and External)

  • Pre-Hire Activities
    o Initiate Assessments
    o Order Background Checks / Drug Screens
    o Check References
    o Collect and Record Results
    o Validate Accreditations / Licensure
    o Prepare / Track Offer Letter / Acceptance
    o Hand-Off to Onboarding Process

  • Post-Hire Activities
    o Perform Various Onboarding Tasks
    o Remove / Update Posted Positions
    o Organize and File Relevant Documents
    o Notify HR Team for Benefits, Start Date, Location, etc.

  • Reporting & Data
    o Manage Posting and Opening Data Quality
    o Prepare Recruiting Pipeline Reports
    o Prepare Cost-of-Hire and Other KPI Reports
    o Perform Ad-Hoc Analyses

Recommended Items

  • Standard Job Postings and Job Descriptions
  • Initial Resume Review Standards
  • FAQ for Common Applicant Questions
  • Approval Process for New Hires
  • Interview Process & Requirements
  • Onboarding Checklist

Content Examples

  • Standard Job Postings & Descriptions
  • Line-Level Postings (“always hiring”)
  • Special / Management / Executive Postings
  • Technical / IT / Software Development Positions
  • Maintenance & Engineering Positions
  • Accounting & Finance Positions
  • Customer Service Positions
  • Job Site Accounts (LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.)
  • Pre-Employment Assessments

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

  • Job Postings
    o Post a new open position
    o Update or remove position
    o Respond to administrative requests relating to listing sites

  • Resume Review
    o Review incoming resumes
    o Enter notes and rank / flag / assign for further review
    o Communicate with Applicants regarding status
    o Respond to Applicant questions

  • Interview Coordination
    o Extend an interview invitation and set appointment(s)
    o Collect feedback from Interviewers and Candidate
    o Communicate results to Candidates and Internal Team

  • Pre-Hire Activities
    o Order assessments / request work sample
    o Initiate background checks and drug screens
    o Check references, accreditations, licensure
    o Prepare and track offer letter through acceptance
    o Hand-off to onboarding process

  • Post-Hire Activities
    o Remove or update posted positions
    o Organize and file relevant documents (Resume, Offer Letter, Assessments, etc)
    o Hand-off to HR or Onboarding
    o Perform onboarding tasks as assigned

  • Reporting & Data
    o Perform Ad-Hoc Analyses

Sample Scheduled Tasks

  • Job Postings
    o Audit Job Postings for Accuracy
    o Audit Job Descriptions for Consistency

  • Post-Hire Activities
    o Scheduled Check-In with HR Team

  • Reporting & Data
    o Manage Posting and Opening Data Quality
    o Prepare Recruiting Pipeline Reports
    o Prepare Cost-of-Hire and Other KPI Reports

Sample Infill Tasks

  • Job Postings
    o Review open positions
    o Review competing descriptions for ideas
    o Identify new channels for posting

  • Resume Review
    o Review old resumes for current positions
    o Review resumes for related opening
    o Reach out to candidates on LinkedIn

  • Interview Coordination
    o Solicit interview feedback from candidates who declined offers

  • Post-Hire Activities
    o Follow-up with new hires for process improvement

  • Reporting & Data
    o Review available data for possible insights / interventions
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