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Assistant Project Manager

Job Overview

The Assistant Project Manager oversees project teams and ensures that IT projects are completed within timeframe and budget. Proactive planning, monitoring and controlling activities, and communicating with stakeholders are cetnral to the role. The Assistant Project Manager acts as the subject matter expert for various projects, and interacts with clients, vendors, and internal team members through project completion.

Organizational Impact

The organization impact of an Assistant Project Manager can be significant. Some of the key impacts are:

1. Improved project management: An Assistant Project Manager can help improve project management by supporting the Project Manager in planning, organizing, and executing projects. This can lead to better project outcomes, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.

2. Increased productivity: With an Assistant Project Manager on board, the Project Manager can delegate tasks and responsibilities, freeing up time to focus on more strategic aspects of the project. This can lead to increased productivity and better use of resources.

3. Better communication: An Assistant Project Manager can help improve communication between team members, stakeholders, and clients. This can lead to better collaboration, fewer misunderstandings, and improved relationships.

4. Enhanced risk management: An Assistant Project Manager can help identify and mitigate risks associated with the project. This can lead to better risk management, reduced project delays, and improved project outcomes.

5. Improved employee engagement: With an Assistant Project Manager on board, team members can feel more supported and engaged in the project. This can lead to increased job satisfaction, better retention rates, and improved morale.

Overall, an Assistant Project Manager can have a positive impact on the organization by improving project management, increasing productivity, enhancing communication, improving risk management, and improving employee engagement.

Key Systems

- Project management software (e.g. Microsoft Project, Asana, Trello)

- Microsoft Office Suite (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

- Communication tools (e.g. email, Slack, Zoom)

- Budgeting and financial software (e.g. QuickBooks, Xero)

- Time tracking and scheduling software (e.g. Harvest, Toggl)


- Project scope and objectives

- Budget and resource allocation

- Project timeline and milestones

- Communication plan and stakeholder management

- Risk management and mitigation strategies


- Project status reports

- Meeting agendas and minutes

- Budget tracking and analysis

- Risk management plans

- Communication plans and updates


- Assisting the project manager in planning and executing project tasks

- Coordinating with team members and stakeholders to ensure project deadlines are met

- Monitoring project progress and identifying potential issues or risks

- Preparing project reports and presentations for management and clients

- Conducting research and analysis to support project decision-making.

Recommended Items

  • Project management software training and usage guidelines
  • Project timelines and milestones documentation
  • Budget tracking and reporting procedures
  • Communication protocols with project stakeholders
  • Risk management and contingency planning guidelines

Content Examples

  • Project plans and schedules
  • Meeting minutes and action items
  • Budget reports and financial analysis
  • Risk management plans and mitigation strategies
  • Status reports and progress updates

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Schedule a meeting with the project team after receiving approval from the project manager.

- Update the project timeline and budget after a change request is approved by the client.

- Notify the project manager and team members of any delays or issues that arise during the project.

- Request additional resources from the HR department when the project workload increases unexpectedly.

- Prepare a progress report for the project manager to present to the client after completing a major milestone.

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Attend weekly project meetings and take notes on action items and decisions made

- Update project schedules and timelines in project management software on a daily basis

- Communicate with subcontractors and vendors to ensure timely delivery of materials and services

- Review and approve invoices from subcontractors and vendors, and submit to accounting for payment

- Conduct site visits to monitor progress and ensure compliance with safety regulations and project specifications

Sample Infill Tasks

- Coordinating project meetings and taking meeting minutes

- Assisting in the preparation of project budgets and schedules

- Conducting research and analysis to support project decision-making

- Managing project documentation and ensuring it is up-to-date and organized

- Liaising with project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and vendors

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