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Relay Human Cloud provides staff hosting and related services to simplify and de‑risk the process of adding remote, overseas workers.
We provide businesses with the ability to build dedicated teams in overseas locations with ease and reliability.
Enable your company’s ability to scale in a global economy. Relay’s Staff Hosting Services reduces overhead costs by up to 70% and greatly improves operational efficiency.
As a U.S.-based company, Relay’s customers benefit from receiving a single monthly bill for services even though your direct resources are located around the globe.
Relay Human Cloud Staff Hosting Services
Remote Team Services - Relay Human Cloud
Remote Team Management Services - Relay Human Cloud

Our Services

Relay Human Cloud - Staff Hosting Services

Staff Hosting

Grow your business with dedicated full-time remote resources. Relay allows organizations to expand personnel internationally and offer service around the clock with savings of up to 70%.

Consulting & Best Practice Services - Relay Human Cloud

Consulting & Best
Practice Services

Optimize your remote team’s experience with Relay professionals. Relay provides your business with best practice support and consulting services through our proven methodologies.

Transition & Enterprise Services - Relay Human Cloud

Transition &
Enterprise Services

Ready to expand your remote team’s operation? Relay’s transition and ongoing enterprise services help customers prepare to embark on their international facility.

The Relay Advantage

Enable your company to work around the clock with savings of up to 70%.


Integrated Teams

Relay allows for your U.S. and remote teams to work together seamlessly to avoid bottlenecks and communication breakdowns.


Well-documented processes and procedures are easily referenced by your organization so that they may be repeated on a recurring basis.


We provide your remote team members with the technological resources required for a high-performance and secure virtual work environment.


Relay leverages its proprietary business process platform to drive communication and productivity for your remote team.
The Relay Advantage

Relay’s Culture & Current Locations

Vadodara, India
Ahmedabad, India

Relay recently opened an additional location in Ahmedabad, which is our new India headquarters. Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, with a metro area population of over 8 million. Its major urban center, diverse economic and industrial base, and the country’s second-largest stock exchange make it an ideal location for recruiting high-quality resources to add to your team. Relay’s new upscale facility is located in the heart of the city’s commercial center.

Relay employees celebrating International Women’s Day at our India headquarters

Roatan, Honduras

In January of 2021, Relay opened its newest office location in Roatan, Honduras. Honduras has a large talent pool of fluent English and Spanish-speaking remote workers. As a part of the Bay Islands, English is the first language in Roatan. Honduras benefits from operating in the Central Standard Time zone very similar to many U.S. states. Our employees in Roatan are ideal for positions where there is back-and-forth interaction between our clients and their vendors and customers. With an international airport, beautiful beaches and landscape, Roatan is an ideal location to create an engaging work environment for your dedicated resources.

Relay’s office in Roatan, Honduras

Mexico City, Mexico

Relay’s office in Mexico City, Mexico, is located in the second-largest city in Latin America and the seventh-largest city in the world. The Mexican government has made a significant investment in the development of Mexico City, which is one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the world. Mexico City operates in the Central Standard Time Zone, enabling your organization’s workday to stay in sync with its remote Mexican employees. Mexico City hosts a large talent pool of technical talent who are fluent English speakers making it an ideal location for your remote team.

Members of Relay’s team in Mexico City, Mexico

Our Customers

First America Homes
Castle Group
Boxer Property
Fort Capital
*Includes customers of Relay, its predecessor and affiliates.

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