Relay’s Primary Service Offerings

Relay Human Cloud provides staff hosting and related services to simplify and de‑risk the process of adding remote, overseas workers.
We provide businesses with the ability to build dedicated teams in overseas locations with ease and reliability.
Enable your company’s ability to scale in a global economy. Relay’s Staff Hosting Services reduces overhead costs by up to 70% and greatly improves operational efficiency.
As a U.S.-based company, Relay’s customers benefit from receiving a single monthly bill for services even though your direct resources are located around the globe.
Relay Human Cloud - Staff Hosting Services

Staff Hosting

Grow your business with dedicated full-time remote resources. Relay allows organizations to expand personnel internationally and offer service around the clock with savings of up to 70%.

Consulting & Best Practice Services - Relay Human Cloud

Consulting & Best
Practice Services

Optimize your remote team’s experience with Relay professionals. Relay provides your business with best practice support and consulting services through our proven methodologies.

Transition & Enterprise Services - Relay Human Cloud

Transition &
Enterprise Services

Ready to expand your remote team’s operation? Relay’s transition and ongoing enterprise services help customers prepare to embark on their international facility.

Staff Hosting Services

Expand your team internationally overnight with full-time dedicated Relay resources:



Select your candidate(s) from Relay’s Bench (inventory of immediately available talent).



Schedule a personal interview with candidate(s) and confirm that they are a good fit for your organization.



Once the candidate is selected, Relay will work with you to schedule a kickoff call so that your new dedicated resource can be onboarded seamlessly and integrated into your organization.



It never stops. Our HR, Admin, and IT teams will continue to support your new resource so they can 100% focus on your work. Your resource will benefit from Relay’s collaborative office space, company culture, employee engagement, and technology.

Consulting & Best Practices

Engage our team of professional consultants to effectively integrate your remote team into your organization.



Relay’s proven methodologies will help you effectively integrate your remote resources into your organization. Our team of professional consultants provide strategic insight to your company to help ensure you optimize your remote team’s productivity.


Leverage Relay’s best practice solutions to develop highly structured business processes to enable your organization to work effectively with your remote teams.


Prepare your organization to optimize the integration of your remote team. Relay’s service professionals will help design and implement an effective change management program to ensure a successful transition.

Transition & Enterprise Services

Ready to expand your remote team’s operation? Relay’s transition and ongoing enterprise services help customers who are ready to embark on their own international operation.

Tier I

Our Entry Level Tier I package allows Relay’s customers the ability to transfer their dedicated team to their own entity. Relay will continue to stay engaged by offering ongoing employee engagement activities, access to our extensive digital library of best practice processes and procedures, limited access to our help desk for training and support, and semi-annual quality assurance inspections of your remote office.

Tier II

In addition to the Tier 1 package, Relay’s Tier 2 package includes quarterly quality assurance inspections, unlimited access to our help desk for training and support, provide job fairs to help recruit additional employees for your organization, and HR Helpdesk support for any recruiting or onboarding issues.

Tier III

In addition to the Tier 2 package, Relay’s Tier 3 package includes monthly quality assurance inspections, third-party management of your remote location, including shared services functions, and provide a dedicated remote onsite employee to act as an operations manager for your international office.

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