Manny S.


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  • Brava Systems
  • MS Office
  • Quality Assurance
  • Drafting & Negotiation
  • Policy Creation
  • Excellent Communication 
  • Pressure Handling 
  • Prioritization


Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Legislative Law

Parul University (2021)


Dedicated and detail-oriented Legal Assistant with hands-on experience in various legal settings, including law firms, courts, and corporate environments. Proficient in mastering procedural aspects of different tribunals, drafting legal documents, and providing comprehensive research and administrative support to legal teams. Skilled in client interaction, case management, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Proven ability to streamline processes, manage case files efficiently, and contribute to the success of litigation matters. Strong communicator with a commitment to delivering high-quality results while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.


Legal Assistant 

360 Degree Cloud | Noida, India | Oct 2021 - Jul 2022

  • Drafted and negotiated contracts & agreements such as Data protection, Non-Disclosure, Vendor agreements & Third-Party agreements, to ensure favorable terms and mitigate risks, enhancing company profitability and safeguarding against legal disputes.
  • Abstracted contracts efficiently to extract crucial information, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlining contract management processes.
  • Developed and maintained policies to promote organizational efficiency, compliance, and adherence to legal standards, fostering a culture of integrity and trust such as Leasing & Retail policies and Data Governance Policies.
  • Created employee handbooks to establish clear guidelines and expectations, promoting employee satisfaction, productivity, and legal compliance.
  • Produced precise legal documentation and correspondence to convey information accurately and professionally, fostering effective communication and reducing legal exposure.
  • Managed compliance efforts to ensure adherence with GDPR & ADA regulations, minimizing legal liabilities and preserving the company's reputation.
  • Drove continuous improvement and provided training to enhance legal processes and knowledge across the organization, empowering employees and optimizing legal operations.

Legal Intern
Rane Associates | Vadodara, India | May 2019 - Jun 2019

  • Mastered procedural aspects of various tribunals, comprehending filing procedures, case management, and jurisdictional matters specific to MACT, RERA, and other specialized forums.
  • Supported senior lawyers by composing legal notices such as demand letters and notices of intent to sue for diverse legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions.
  • Produced affidavits, petitions, and other requisite legal documents for court proceedings and tribunal hearings, ensuring strict adherence to legal requirements and procedural formalities.
  • Offered research and administrative assistance to lawyers engaged in mergers and acquisitions transactions, encompassing due diligence, document scrutiny, and preparation of transaction-related documents.
  • Aided in representing clients in litigation matters across district courts, tribunals, and other forums by drafting pleadings, petitions, and written submissions.
  • Managed case files streamlined document organization, and upheld communication records to ensure efficient case management and client satisfaction.
  • Conducted meticulous reviews such as Document reviews, Red Lining & Proof Reading. 

Technical Recruiter

Soft nice.INC | Vadodara, India | Dec 2017 - Aug 2018

  • Conducted candidate sourcing and screening for technical positions, ensuring high-quality candidates were identified.
  • Managed vendor relationships and outsourcing activities, collaborating to meet client needs and negotiate terms effectively.
  • Facilitated visa processing and ensured compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Engaged clients actively, contributing to business development efforts and fostering strong client relationships

Legal Intern
Neemuch District Court | Neemuch, India | May 2017 - Jun 2017

  • Executed comprehensive legal research on case law, statutes, and precedents pertinent to active cases and legal matters.
  • Provided insightful analysis of legal arguments, statutes, and regulations to support senior attorneys in decision-making processes.
  • Attained familiarity with court hierarchy for effective navigation in legal proceedings.
  • Drafted legal notices, motions, and prepared case summaries for senior lawyers.
  • Played a pivotal role in supporting senior lawyers through various legal tasks.
  • Interacted with clients and offered essential support throughout legal proceedings.