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Sr. Accounts Receivable Manager

Job Overview

The Senior Accounts Receivable Manager manages and oversees the accounts receivable process. This includes accurately billing clients for goods or services, recording and verifying transactions, and resolving account discrepancies. The Senior Accounts Receivable Manager will also be responsible for analyzing and reporting on the company's accounts receivable performance, identifying opportunities for process improvements, and implementing changes as needed. The role acts as an escalation resource for and manager of a team focused on the accounts receivable process.

Organizational Impact

The Senior Accounts Receivable Manager plays a critical role in the financial health of an organization. Their responsibilities include managing the accounts receivable process, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing, monitoring customer payments, and resolving any issues related to outstanding balances. 

The impact of this job on the organization can be significant. A Senior Accounts Receivable Manager who is effective in their role can help to improve cash flow, reduce bad debt, and increase overall profitability. They can also help to build strong relationships with customers by ensuring that their billing and payment processes are efficient and transparent. 

Additionally, the Senior Accounts Receivable Manager is responsible for managing a team of accounts receivable professionals. They must provide leadership, guidance, and support to ensure that their team is performing at a high level. This can have a positive impact on the organization's culture, as well as its ability to attract and retain top talent. 

Overall, the Senior Accounts Receivable Manager is a critical role that can have a significant impact on the financial health and success of an organization.

Key Systems

- Accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks, SAP)

- Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (e.g. Salesforce)

- Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software

- Payment processing systems (e.g. PayPal, Stripe)

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software (e.g. Oracle, NetSuite)


- Customer payments and invoices

- Sales reports and forecasts

- Credit checks and approvals

- Communication with sales and customer service teams

- Financial statements and budgeting goals


- Daily reports on accounts receivable status

- Analysis of customer payment trends and recommendations for improvement

- Management of collections and follow-up on delinquent accounts

- Coordination with sales and customer service teams to resolve billing issues

- Development and implementation of policies and procedures to improve accounts receivable processes


-Supervise and coordinate the accounts receivable staff with regard to daily cash reports, charges to ledgers to include late fees, billings/notices, and daily subsidiary ledger reconciliation 

- Review and approve credit adjustments -Review and approve security deposit refunds 

- Work on monthly bank reconciliations -Work on defaults, aging summaries, account reconciliations, and balances. 

- Post and monitor direct deposits. 

- Oversee collection procedures 

- Prepare and monitor procedures for workflow of the accounts receivable department and monitor adherence to these procedures 

- Review and ensure proper movement of funds

Recommended Items

  • Monthly accounts receivable aging report
  • Collection policies and procedures manual
  • Customer credit application and approval process
  • Monthly cash flow forecast
  • Quarterly bad debt analysis report

Content Examples

  • Monthly accounts receivable reports
  • Aging reports for outstanding invoices
  • Collection letters and emails
  • Customer account statements
  • Cash flow projections and analysis

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Review and analyze accounts receivable aging report on a weekly basis

- Initiate collection calls and emails to customers with past due balances

- Coordinate with sales and customer service teams to resolve billing disputes and discrepancies

- Monitor and approve credit limits for new and existing customers

- Prepare and present monthly accounts receivable reports to senior management team

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Generate and review aging reports for outstanding customer balances on a weekly basis

- Conduct monthly meetings with the sales team to discuss overdue accounts and develop strategies for collection

- Coordinate with the billing department to ensure accurate and timely invoicing of customers

- Monitor and analyze customer payment trends to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement

- Prepare and distribute monthly statements to customers with outstanding balances and follow up on any discrepancies or disputes.

Sample Infill Tasks

- Review and analyze aging reports to identify delinquent accounts and develop strategies for collections

- Communicate with customers via phone, email, and mail to resolve outstanding balances and negotiate payment plans

- Monitor and manage the accounts receivable ledger to ensure accuracy and completeness of data

- Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to resolve billing disputes and discrepancies

- Prepare and present monthly reports on accounts receivable performance to senior management and stakeholders.

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