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Junior Space Planner

Job Overview

The Junior Space Planner supports the team in creating designs, test-fits, construction drawings, and finish packages for internal construction projects. Role leverages solid production skills, multitasking abilities, and the capacity to develop 3D renderings. It provides a career path to higher-level activities. Junior Space Planner leverages CAD and other industry-specific software and collaborates with on-site team members to guarantee designs and plans align with stakeholder requirements.

Organizational Impact

The organization impact of a Junior Space Planner can be significant. Some of the key impacts are:

1. Improved space utilization: A Junior Space Planner can help organizations make the most of their available space by optimizing layouts and configurations. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

2. Cost savings: By optimizing space utilization, organizations can reduce the need for additional space and save on real estate costs. A Junior Space Planner can also help identify opportunities for cost savings through the use of more efficient furniture and equipment.

3. Improved employee satisfaction: A well-designed workspace can have a positive impact on employee morale and satisfaction. A Junior Space Planner can help create a workspace that is comfortable, functional, and conducive to productivity.

4. Enhanced brand image: A well-designed workspace can also help enhance an organization's brand image. A Junior Space Planner can help create a workspace that reflects the organization's values and culture, and that is consistent with its brand identity.

5. Compliance with regulations: A Junior Space Planner can help ensure that the organization's workspace is compliant with relevant regulations and standards, such as those related to health and safety, accessibility, and environmental sustainability.

Key Systems

- AutoCAD

- SketchUp

- Microsoft Office Suite (especially Excel)

- Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop)

- Revit


- Client requirements and preferences

- Building and space measurements

- Furniture and equipment inventory

- Budget constraints

- Building codes and regulations


- Space plans and layouts for various projects

- 2D and 3D drawings and renderings

- Furniture and equipment specifications and selections

- Budget and cost estimates for projects

- Presentations and reports for clients and team members


  • Confirm accuracy of plans, obtain current information to update software.
  • Perform space planning as well as standardized spec projects
  • Produce construction documents for pricing/permitting in accordance to building, energy and accessibility codes while using Visio and AutoCAD programs
  • Developing and documenting designs, details, schedules and specifications.
  • Assist senior staff by selecting finishes, furniture, artwork for a broad range of projects
  • Maintain databases, project files, spreadsheets and related documentation on new construction, renovations, remodels, and expansions
  • All other duties as assigned

Recommended Items

  • Space planning guidelines and standards
  • Project management processes and tools
  • CAD software training and support
  • Workplace strategy and design principles
  • Budgeting and cost estimation procedures

Content Examples

  • Space planning reports and recommendations
  • Floor plans and layouts
  • Furniture and equipment specifications
  • Budget and cost estimates
  • Project timelines and schedules

Sample Event-Driven Tasks

- Conduct a space utilization analysis when a new department is added to the company

- Reconfigure office layouts when a team expands or contracts

- Develop a furniture plan when a new office location is acquired

- Create a seating chart for a company event or meeting

- Adjust lighting and acoustics in a conference room for a specific presentation or meeting type

Sample Scheduled Tasks

- Conducting site visits to assess space utilization and occupancy levels

- Updating and maintaining space allocation databases and floor plans

- Assisting with the development of space planning strategies and recommendations

- Collaborating with project teams to ensure space requirements are met for new construction or renovations

- Conducting occupancy surveys and analyzing data to inform space planning decisions

Sample Infill Tasks

- Conducting site visits and measuring spaces to create accurate floor plans

- Assisting in the selection of furniture, finishes, and accessories for interior spaces

- Collaborating with senior space planners to develop design concepts and space plans

- Creating 3D renderings and visualizations to communicate design ideas to clients

- Researching and staying up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in space planning and design

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