Architects and Builders Need

Information… And Sleep

The days of working with pencil and paper are long gone.  Construction today requires information that takes time and effort to maintain.  Give your local team a break, while your Relay team does that work overnight.

Adding Value from Planning to Close-Out

Throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project, your dedicated architects, space planners, CAD operators, and administrators will keep things on track, at a fraction of local costs.


Space Planning & Design

Test-fits, revisions, shop drawings, and constrcution sets.

Takeoffs & Estimates

Online takeoffs and estimates performed overnight, keep things moving.

Construction Support

Bid tabulations, vendor communications, document management, and budget tracking.

BIM Administration

Keep track of and maintain Building Information Modeling systems.

Working within Relay Human Cloud

Get a glimpse into the life of some of the available and talented individuals we have ready to work with you.

It’s Not Outsourcing

You may have tried outsourcing… we’re sorry!  Relay’s Staff Hosting model is different, leaving you in control of the work while we handle the rest.

Immediately Available Talent

Choose from a team of immediately available team members who can join your team with a click.  Relay recruits, hires, and trains staff to meet your needs as they arise.

Long-Term Relationships

Relay provides dedicated staff – not project workers or shared resources – so you can build long-term value into your organization.  Start small and grow responsibly.

The Proven Model for Global Support

Relay’s unique staff hosting model removes the hassle and risk from going global, leaving you with control over hiring, culture, relationships, and work product.  Unlike outsourcing, freelancing, and PEO, the Relay model not only works, but also adds meaningful capacity to your organization over the long term.