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Relay Human Cloud provides staff hosting and related services to simplify and de‑risk the process of adding remote, overseas workers.

We provide businesses with the ability to build dedicated teams in overseas locations with ease and reliability.

Enable your company’s ability to scale in a global economy. Relay’s Staff Hosting Services reduces overhead costs by up to 70% and greatly improves operational efficiency.

As a U.S.-based company, Relay’s customers benefit from receiving a single monthly bill for services even though your direct resources are located around the globe.

Our Story

The administrative overhead and general hassle factor of operating internationally has historically kept all but the most prominent companies from accessing incredible global talent. Relay Human Cloud was formed to democratize the talent markets by consolidating the logistical, financial, and administrative burden of setting up international offices and making these facilities available to any company.

Founded by true operations professionals, Relay Human Cloud delivers over ten years of direct staff hosting expertise that makes it easy for our customers to succeed.

Co-Founder Justin Segal with members of our team in Roatan, Honduras

Why Us?

The principals and founders of Relay Human Cloud have been focused on delivering high-quality operations in cutting-edge companies for their entire careers. Providing products and services in complex, vertically integrated, US-based companies with national footprints requires some key skills.

Effectively building and managing teams, allocating resources, and designing processes and workflows is just the beginning. Reworking things to operate continuously around the globe adds another layer of complexity– however we have been doing it for over a decade.

Our Customers

First America Homes
Castle Group
Boxer Property
Fort Capital
*Includes customers of Relay, its predecessor and affiliates.

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